MusicWriter App

The MusicWriter App

for iPad(Recommended), iPhone 4®, iPhone 5®)

Version 3.2

  1. Compositions details slide-in now has + and - buttons which transpose the loaded composition to a different key.

Version 3.1

  1. Problem where lyrics are not able to be deleted has been resolved.

  2. Bug where extra, unwanted notes appear in a music composition has been resolved.

Version 2.5!

  1. Metronome function added.

  2. Bars automatically adjust according to Time Signature.

  3. BPM time made more accurate for both Record and Play / Edit modes.

  4. Loading time for saved songs has been improved (typically 0.25 seconds).

Version 2.4!

  1. Fixed bug in composition list where colors did not alternate correctly.

  2. Redundant buttons in portrait / full screen view are now hidden making it more intuitive for new users.

  3. Auto scrolling in portrait / full screen view was incorrect, so have been stopped.

  4. App now stops playing immediately that music sheet is tapped, so you can go instantly to the point you want to edit, making the app easier and more intuitive to use while editing.

Version 2.3!

  1. The ability to join notes has been added.

  2. Note record and playback timings have been improved, to improve the feel of the app.

  3. A default playback speed of 120bpm has been set for new compositions, which helps keep it user friendly.

  4. More efficient database storage, which should make saving quicker and more reliable.

Version 2.2 - June 27nd 2014

NEW! Rotate iPad to get FULL SCREEN VIEW of your composition.

  1. Fixed small bug with new keyboard where sometimes the wrong key was released when pressing multiple keys.

  2. Improved keyboard keypress timing, so able to play chords more easily.

  3. Removed the timer function as this was inaccurate, not very useful and was consuming resources so much it slowed down the playback speed.

  4. Improved smoothness of playback speed, with a wider range of playback speeds.

  5. Added the ability to transpose chords on the Quick Chords function, so each chord can be heard/inserted for any part of the keyboard.

  6. Enabled rotation of the app so that a full screen of the music sheet is displayed in portrait. Landscape functions remain more or less the same.

  7. Re-arranged some of the function buttons to allow for the new full screen function and make the app look more asthetically pleasing.

MusicWriter Portrait (Full Screen) View

Full Scree View

Version 2.1 - June 22nd 2014

  1. Keyboard handling code completely rebuilt, so now keys work when pressed down, rather than when your finger is lifted, making the user experience much more like a real piano!

  2. Keyboard graphics greatly improved to look more like a piano keyboard.

  3. Keys appear pressed when played, so you can see which note(s) was(were) played.

  4. Multiple keys can be played at once.

  5. Keyboard can now also be 'swiped' to play a sequence of notes in succession.

  6. Bug in playback speed control has been fixed.

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